Trading hours

We’re Back, but..

Due to Covid restrictions we are trying to balance our desire to be flexible for our patrons and our need to ensure that we remain a viable business.
It is a challenge & we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We very much look forward to the days when our Beer Garden can be a little more laid back again!

In the meantime, we have put together our plan & booking requirements in our Summer & Christmas Functions Bookings document.
We hope that we can all enjoy some sunshine, great times & each other’s company as we see out what has been an unforgettable year.

Open Hours!

Monday: Closed

Tuesday & Wednesday Session Times:

Afternoon:       4-6pm
Twilight:          6-7.45pm
Night:              7.45pm-late

Thursday to Sunday Session times:

Lunch:              11.30am or 12pm -2.30pm
Afternoon:       2.45pm-5.30pm
Twilight:          5.45pm-8.15pm
Night:              8.30pm-late

*Due to our limited capacity only one session time can be booked per group
*Children & under 18’s are not allowed to attend and Night sessions or the Twilight session on the Friday & Saturday nights
*Please email us if you have any questions at all & we will always accommodate where we can

Upcoming Events!

Our session times match up with the following events so book your table fast.

Maximum booking is 10 people

Tyson v Jones Boxing Super Fight
Sunday 29th November 1pm:
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